About Autodesk

                              Autodesk, Inc., is a leader in 3D design, engineering and entertainment software. Since its introduction of AutoCAD software in 1982, Autodesk continues to develop the broadest portfolio of 3D software for global markets.

                              Customers across the manufacturing, architecture, building, construction, and media and entertainment industries—including the last 19 Academy Award winners for Best Visual Effects—use Autodesk software to design, visualize, and simulate their ideas before they're ever built or created. From blockbuster visual effects and buildings that create their own energy, to electric cars and the batteries that power them, the work of our 3D software customers is everywhere you look.

                              Through our apps for iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Android, we're also making design technology accessible to professional designers and amateur designers, homeowners, students, and casual creators — anyone who wants to create and share their ideas with the world.


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                              The Gallery

                              The Autodesk Gallery at One Market in San Francisco was built to celebrate the design process that takes a great idea and turns it into a reality. 
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                              The Customer Briefing Program

                              The Customer Briefing Program gives our existing and prospective customers the opportunity to interact with Autodesk experts and learn how our solutions can address unique business challenges.
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                              Autodesk Research

                              Autodesk Research is a team of expert scientists exploring and creating technologies to help improve design and its role in society through high-level projects and collaboration with leading research universities worldwide.
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                              Autodesk Labs

                              Autodesk Labs is home to innovative new technologies and collaborative development. Its mission is to involve the customer in the progress of design technology solutions.
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